Try Your Hand at Arizona Gold Mining

Gold In ArizonaIf you have always been curious about the history of gold mining in America, it might be time for you to learn more with a firsthand experience.  Arizona was once the gold mining capital of America and today, you can still pan for gold in several places around the state.  Panning for gold is an exciting activity and it is really fun for all ages so even your kids can participate.  If you are interested in gold panning, here are a few things you need to know.

Know the Right Process

Panning for gold isn’t difficult, but you do need to understand how to do it effectively.  Basically you will need a flat plan to get started.  Many mining locations will give you a pan to use when you pay an entrance fee to their mining grounds.  You fill your pan with a small handful of dirt followed by a splash of water.  Begin to swirling the pan around to see if you can discover any small pieces of gold buried inside.  You can also do gold panning with a dry method where you simply shake the dirt around or filter it carefully without using any water.  Dry panning is most successful in Arizona because of the naturally dry ground.

Know the Right Places

When you start searching for gold, it is important that you visit the best locations so you have a real chance of discovery.  Some of the most lucrative places in Arizona include the Vulture Mine and the San Francisco District mines.  The Jerome District is the best place to try gold panning for the first time because it is the state’s number one gold producer today with a rich supply waiting to be found!

Know the Right Precautions

Gold panning is a lot of fun, but you need to be sure to protect yourself from environmental dangers.  Arizona’s hot climate can scorch you quickly so take plenty of water so you can stay hydrated.  You should also take a few energy bars or some trail mix to keep your energy high.  Gold panning often takes hours of patient searching before you ever discover anything exciting.  Wear sunscreen and wear sunglasses and a hat to keep from getting sunburned as you work.


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